Ponemah Beach Central

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This building was designated as a Heritage Building  in the Village of Dunnottar in 2016.

Market Garden Aug 2013


The original Ponemah grocery store and post office has been transformed into a place for community activities at Ponemah Beach  Central  located at 27 Central Ave. at Railway Street in the Village of Dunnottar.

The 24-by-40 ft. building, dating back to 1929 or earlier,  housed the grocery store of the Foures and Wilkinsons as well as the Ponemah  Post Office from 1929 until 1968.  It is the second building on the site.  The first building burnt but we are not sure what year that happened.

The building was purchased in 2001 by  Tannis Froese and restoration began in 2002. It had to be lifted to save it and a new beam and  roof  installed.  As the work of gutting the interior began some archival items were recovered . They found some  Free Press printers press proofs dating from the 1940’s and newspapers  and card board boxes which had been used as insulation in the walls and ceiling.

The original knob and tube wiring had to be removed and replaced  to the year 2000 commercial standards.  As it is an uninsulated building to date it remains a summer use only work in progress.

It opened officially on Sept 6 , 2003 with a display of local artists recent paintings,  sculptures and pottery.

The Village of Dunnottar purchased the building and is now run by a committee.

The original volunteers who helped establish this creative corner including the Station Museum are:  Tannis Froese, Bruce Smith & Betty Jackson, John & Barb Morris,   Don Bowles,  Elaine Twanow,  Rick Gamble,  Susan & Alf Goodall,  Jason Oliver,  Lou Fontaine,  George Thompson,  Robin & Cydnie Mather,  John Muir,  Daniel Aikens,   Jack McDowell,  Ian Livingston,  Dave Thompson,  Frank and the late Mardi MacKinnon,  to name a few.